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Plug-in Unit Liquid Refill

Plug-in Unit Liquid Refill

The liquid refill fits into the Dual-purpose Plug-in Unit, giving you up to 10 hours of protection – one of the easiest ways to rid a room of pesky mosquitoes.

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Peaceful Sleep Liquid Refill(s). Reg. L6130 Act No. 36 of 1947. Registration Holder: Tiger Consumer Brands Limited. Registration No: 1972/006590/06. PO Box 200, Isando, 1600. Tel. (011) 921 1690.

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  • Benefits

    1. Repels mosquitoes
    2. Up to ten hours of protection
  • Directions for use

    Screw the liquid refill into the Dual-purpose Plug-in Unit. Carefully plug the unit into a wall socket. Ensure to turn the unit off when not in use.

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