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Mini Aerosol Spray

Mini Aerosol Spray

A travel-sized aerosol spray, for up to eight hours of protection against insects. A great travel companion, easy to apply, and super effective.

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Peaceful Sleep Aerosol Reg. L687 (Act 101 of 1965). Registration Holder: Tiger Consumer Brands Limited. Registration No: 1972/006590/06. PO Box 200, Isando, 1600. Tel. (011) 921 1690. Same for Mini, right?

Additional information

  • Benefits

    1. Repels mosquitoes and other biting insects, such as ticks
    2. Up to eight hours of protection
    3. No need to rub in; just spray on and you’re protected
    4. Handy for travel
  • Directions for use

    Spray directly on exposed skin in a well-ventilated area. Avoid applying onto the face, cuts, wounds, and irritated or sunburnt skin.

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