We all know this story well… Lying in bed, snuggled up in the quiet darkness, when suddenly the most annoying sound of a mosquito comes sweeping in. After some blind swatting and a whole lot of huffing and puffing, you turn the light on, only for the mozzie to have mysteriously vanished! Off goes the light, in comes the mosquito, and so we continue.

Well, it’s this irritating gameplay that begs the question… Where do mosquitoes go during the day?


Although mosquitoes seem to vanish in the day, they are still around… They tend to find dark, sheltered areas to rest in. The reason for this is they don’t like intense light or extreme heat; these conditions can cause the modest mozzie to dehydrate and die. That is why it’s a good idea to spray mosquito repellent under beds, chairs and tables – favourite daytime hiding spots.

Parents will know that when their children play in the garden, they can often come back with bites all over their legs. What most people don’t know is, mosquitoes don’t drink blood for reasons akin to drinking water. It’s the same reason why only female mosquitoes bite – they take blood to give their developing eggs nutrients. They actually feed on the nectar from flowers to survive. So when kids play in the garden, it’s more than likely they’re disturbing resting or eating females who, once awake, can’t resist the urge to bite.

There are also certain species of mosquitoes that are only active in the day, and they tend to be feistier than our night-­‐time nuisances. These guys can be kept away by applying Peaceful Sleep Mosquito Repellent Spray, Lotion or Stick; they’re safe for the whole family. Side note: you can buy these products online here.


Mosquitoes actually thrive at night. We know that they prefer the cool cloak of darkness, as harsh light and heat kills them, but there are a few other reasons why mozzies like the night-time.

Firstly, dusk and dawn are mosquitoes’ favourite times as UV light is more prominent then, and these fiends love a little UV light. They also use this light to find water. Secondly, their thermal and odour receptor efficacy increases because the day’s humidity tends to be at its highest then. To give you an example, during the day a mozzie can smell you from about three metres away. At night, that distance stretches to over 100 metres! Pretty incredible for one of the most annoying species ever encountered. (Thanks www.quora.com for this jaw­-dropping fact.)

So, what is the moral of this story? As interesting as all of this is, no one should be thinking about this in the middle of the night! Rather get rid of this nocturnal nuisance before you go to bed… Peaceful Sleep has a range of products to suit you and your family’s needs.

Good night, and here’s to a Peaceful Sleep!