The life span of your average mosquito can range from anywhere between eight days to one month, depending on temperature and the availability of food in their environment. Yet, in spite of this, the mosquito has been around for the last 210 million years.

They are frail but resilient at the same time.


In this brief life span, mosquitoes don’t travel far from where they were born, and they live only to suck your blood and lay eggs. But, it’s an endless cycle that has worked for millennia. Many people don’t understand that the mosquitoes buzzing in our ears late at night are only a small part of a very complicated life cycle, of which, only a fraction is spent sucking your blood.

Water: The Mosquito’s Nursery

Most of a mosquito’s life revolves around water. (

Female mosquitoes lay their eggs in a stagnant water source. This could be a pond, a birdbath, or even a puddle at the bottom of your garden. Standing water is your enemy. The eggs are tiny but tough, able to withstand sub-zero temperatures. The female mosquito lays them together to form a raft, or can, in other cases, lay single eggs. Most eggs hatch after 48 hours into larva.

In the larval stage, young mosquitoes wriggle about in their aquatic environment, relying on micro-organisms for food, and sucking oxygen from the surface of the water through specialised tubes. They are cold-blooded, so they rely on warmer water temperatures for faster growth. And grow they do. A larva will shed its skin up to four times before entering the next stage of its life: the pupa.

Compared to the earlier larval stage, the pupa is more static, keeping its movement to a minimum. They only move to get closer to light, or to move away from a disturbance. The pupa is essentially a cocoon, from which the adult mosquito will emerge after a few days.

Of the mosquitoes that finally emerge, only the females will go on to suck blood and be annoying. The males exist solely to mate, and then die. Female mosquitoes live longer, depending on the temperature, and only start sucking blood to get the protein they need in order to lay their eggs. Before that, they feed on plant nectar and fruit juices to survive. Once they have enough blood and protein, they are able to find a stagnant pool of their own, and start the process all over again.

Ending The Vicious Cycle

Of course, there are ways to stop a mosquito’s life cycle at every stage. Naturally, larvae and pupae are vulnerable to fish and birds, but humans have also devised methods for dealing with the problem in its literal infancy.


These methods range from removing water sources, to suffocating the water by adding oil.

However, in your own busy life, you don’t have time to run around the household, while also coating every stagnant pond in your garden with oils. That’s where Peaceful Sleep comes in. When it comes to that annoying adult stage, we have a wide range of products to help keep you and your family safe, and irritation-free.

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Even if you’ll never be able to fully eradicate a seemingly eternal pest, at least you can rest easy at night, knowing that you’re using the best mosquito repellent. And, you can sleep peacefully knowing that your blood (and your family’s blood) won’t be part of continuing the cycle.